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Foggy Mountains

We build AI solutions to

step-change your                     


Increase usage of your subscription services

to ensure customers get the maximum value

from your offering


Optimise campaigns

to maximise usage

and retention


Ensure that your machinery is working optimally to maximise productivity and

minimise plant and equipment failure


Forecast demand to better plan your manufacturing schedule


Maximise revenue by offering the right product to the right customer with the right message at the right time


Ensure you have the right amount and the right product mix in each store


Emerge is building 

health solutions to

better diagnose and

treat patients


Emerge Health’s

solutions will help

doctors to provide

more effective

healthcare and patients 

to better manage

their own conditions

Emerge Health

Contact us to discuss

the biggest problems in

your industry

There is a good

chance that AI can

make a real impact


Find patterns in

your healthcare data

to get the most out of  medical resources,   improve medical outcomes and

decrease the cost

of care


Determine the needs

of your customers including which queries each may have


Proactively anticipate customer need to ensure spectacular service

Customer service

Accurately assess insurance risk and price accordingly


Streamline onboarding by eliminating unnecessary 

underwriting controls


Optimise your

marketing spend across your various channels

and campaigns and dramatically increase  return on marketing investment


Run campaigns that

are most likely to generate sales


Emerge has built algorithms that

accurately find

patterns in financial markets to make better investment decisions


Generate returns

that are more than

400% of market benchmark indices

Asset Management

Accurately assess

the credit risk


Make use of alternative data for credit scoring

Use credit scoring for valuing debt books


Remove operational

waste across the policy

value chain – sales,

underwriting, fraud

and retention


Increase accounting

profits by as

much as double


Find the sweet spot in offering financial

services to lots of clients while still managing the capital risk


Improve sales, credit, collections, fraud and retention


Access quality, profiled new

business leads


Optimise sales

campaigns to increase take up


Enrich your data with additional variables


Use the additional

data to build more accurate AI solutions

and increase the

potential value that

they can offer

Data enrichment

More than technology...


We will work with you to clearly define the business problem you are looking

to solve, what data to

use and how the solution

will work operationally in your business.

AI solution

Our team uses our Dragon platform to transform the data and build an AI solution to meet your needs. In

just a few days we will have an API-enabled solution ready to use.


We will work with you to integrate the AI solution into your operations. The patterns that the AI solution finds can then be used

to create additional business value.

Foggy Mountains

Why our clients and partners choose Emerge

We could tell you about our unique proprietary algorithms that let us deliver jaw-droppingly accurate models in hours or days instead of months. We could also tell you about how Emerge counts among its crew industry leaders who are involved in setting best-practice standards for AI and modeling for the world's leading data-management organisation. Some might be impressed by our long experience in the field, having started our research and development as early as 2002 when the field was in its infancy.

But what really excites our clients and partners is that we add real value – lots of it. This is because we know that the success of AI projects is not just about AI or technology. It starts with knowing what problems are valuable to solve and not just interesting to solve. It continues with squeezing all the juice out of your data and continues with a real-world implementation into operations, including the humans that give effect to the whole process. And we especially love that our clients and partners are regularly surprised at the impact we make, even after working with us for years. 

Some of the organisations we've worked with 

Foggy Mountains

Partnership is a big part of our DNA. In fact, one of the main reasons why we are called Emerge is because of the extra value that emerges from true partnership. When real partnership is in place the value creation is exponentially more than the sum of the inputs. That is what we are targeting. And we are not just looking to partner with our clients. We want to partner with all kinds of organisations to ensure that solutions to the world’s biggest problems are solved. 


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