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Join us for a webinar that will debunk "Five misconceptions
about artificial intelligence"

Danny Saksenberg

Chief AI Officer of Emerge, actuary by profession, AI expert, Chair of AI and Analytics Forum at EDM Council, credit expert at Frankfurt School of Finance and Management

Webinar description

Danny has been in the field of AI for almost 20 years. In that
time he has made many mistakes and learned many things
that others are experiencing now for the first time as AI
becomes popular. Danny wants to start sharing these learnings
through a series of webinars that will continue into next year.
In this webinar, Danny will share five misconceptions that people have about AI which limits them from getting started with the technology which offers so much value to corporates, various industries and the world as a whole.

Date: 2 December 2021

Time: 15:00 - 16:00 GMT 

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