In Cross Sell

80% Leads from 13% data

We identified 80% of cross-sales from one insurance product to another in just 13% of the leads


We analyse your data

Whatever format your data is in, we analyse it and find hidden trends, opportunities and value. Asking the right questions of the data lets us predict what the outcome and the future

In Claims

99% Accurate Medical Diagnosis

We predicted with 99% accuracy which patients suffering from Idiopathic Optic Neuritis would go blind in 1 hour of blood tests instead of 2 year of waiting


15 years of expertise and passion

We have been building our proprietary machine-learning prediction software for 15 years. The more data we have, the more we learn, the more accurate we become.

In Retention

96% Accuracy in Policy Cancellation

We predicted 96% of insurance policies that would cancel in the next 3 months from only 6% of total policies


We solve real problems

Whether you are looking to increase profit, retention, turnover or reduce costs, wastage and ineffieciencies, we can help.

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