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Mastering Data Science Projects for Insurers - InsuranceERM webinar

Data science and machine learning have potential to dramatically improve the efficiency and effectiveness of all kind of activities that insurers undertake. But many such projects have not been as successful as they should have been.

In this webinar, experts will discuss the key considerations for implementing a productive and profitable data science project:

  • Understanding data and how it can help businesses achieve their objectives

  • What insights can be achieved with data science in the insurance industry

  • Ensuring new tools and techniques are successfully embedded and not left on the shelf

Speakers include:

  • Andy Lyon, Co-founder and Principal, Blacklight Advisory

  • Daniel Bruce, Partner, Crowe

  • Danny Saksenberg, Co-founder and Chief AI Officer, Emerge

  • Lloyd Richards, Senior Manager, Crowe

Moderated by Christopher Cundy, Editor, InsuranceERM



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